This Bot Cares About Readability

Meet @UnReadBot, a Twitter bot that measures the readability of your preprints. @UnReadBot reminds researchers to care more about the reader and to write more clearly.

The bot reads all new bioRxiv and medRxiv preprints, and tweets the least readable of them. We measure readability using Flesch-Kincaid grade (FK), and lower scores mean better readability. Award-winning science writing scores under FK 12, and a typical editorial at Nature scores under FK 14.

@UnReadBot tweets preprints that score over FK 19.

FK does not measure ‘accessibility,’ it measures readability (more on in in our other posts). The most complex science story can still be readable.

You can also ask the bot to rate a specific tweet pointing to a medRxiv or bioRxiv preprint. Simply respond to the target tweet using “@UnReadBot is it readable?” and it will soon tell you how readable it is. The target tweet must contain a URL.

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