Clear Writing Makes a Difference

What do we mean by READABILITY?

Have you ever read an abstract and felt that something was not adding up, so you had to read it again, and again? Perhaps you felt that you did not have adequate knowledge to understand it? Remember that brain fatigue you felt reading a paper after a long day at work?

Rest assured that there is nothing wrong with your knowledge or expertise. The paper was poorly written. It was unreadable.

Readability has nothing to do with the complexity of the content. So, a readable article is not a simplified science story. It is a complex and complete research story, but it is easy to read, because the writer took time to remove clutter, to use clear constructions, and active voice. The writer did not overload their paper with fancy words just because they wanted to sound formal.

We are scientific editors – we help researchers develop and publish their best work. Every day we read drafts full of clutter, complex sentences, and generalities. Academics seem to accept that poor readability is part of the modern academic style.

We disagree.

People do not want to read complex writing. Complex writing style excludes the broader audiences of journalists, policymakers, and colleagues in other fields. It does not impress reviewers and evaluation panels.

Your research deserves to be seen and understood, and you can tell complex research stories using clear and effective language. Trying to establish yourself outside academia? Expressing yourself in plain language is an essential skill.

But clear writing does not come naturally. It requires hard work, many rounds of rewriting, and awareness of the most common readability issues.

We have years of experience working with major academic publishers, and we are here to help. Our creative editing approach helps you write clearly without sacrificing scientific accuracy.

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